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In antique Greek there is two philosophical way to live your life an epicurean and a stoic. An epicurean is basically you live at once, life is chasing maximal pleasure and thinking you would die tomorrow. I myself lived that way and it leads me to drinking, focusing to women.. I get unfocused by poker when I met my ex-wife. She captures all my attention and she become center of my universe. And I really live just way how you need live at epicurean way, just enjoy at moment. It is not bad life at all, but everything what you do is a price. And book what I desire now, is Mankiw’s Principles of Economics. Tai referents Mankiw’s book and take there a principle called an opportunity cost. Every opportunities what you have is some-kind cost; if I now thinking Rose-Pussy, if I “buy” her what that will cost for me… Being with ex-wife it cost me my poker career. It was not her fault, I just fall in love for her. And I learn a lot how to eat pussy, and I also read lot of books of sexology and I become self-educated sexologist who knows a lot how to please woman. And this skill is very good and my ex-girl-friend wanted to see me again cos I what I did felt so good. But at now, that Rose-Pussy is in the next level of everything what I know about sex, she would be very good teacher for me if I let her to come in my life. But I am now very poor and it cracks me literally, lack of money kills me. I think I need but my focus full of how to get money and how I get out that poverty Now I feel shit about my car, it cost 1,5k and I don’t have money to buy Tai’s program. I can’t say yes for everything now when I am a poor. If I say no for car, it cost me that I don’t have leverage to handling my things. My gynecologist is another city.. and I need proper treat for my sex-hormones which I not get in public healthcare, they wanted that my hormones need reduce. Those hormones makes me look like woman, so them are very crucial for me. There is so many opportunities.. I don’t literally trust that Tai’s program instantly helped me to get out my situation, but I know people get benefits him programs. But it is not easy, but simple. And a simple is not an easy, it cost you that you need test that and try to learn the new skill and see work that new skill for you. Him the 67 steps helped me a lot, also him products like smma2.0 helped too, but you need take steps, and you need be like a sculpture-builder, just knock piece by piece, and it feels like a giant leap to jump direct to the game which I cannot play. But I know how that game works at now and I can give my word that works.

But yeah, I think if I speak more pro-athlete, poker-player, chess-player approach that using Greek philosophy, epicurean and stoic. If you think like a pro-athlete, you have the goal to win the Olympic gold medal. That is your the end-game and your final table. This is where you go. And my goal is get out the poverty. I don’t have afford to lose that focus. Like my father said when we played tennis or badminton, “keep eye on the ball”. If I start to looking around of myself I lose the game or I give a point for my opponent which is now the poverty. My game is beat the poverty. I need to focus on my game, not girls… Munger said his book, Poor Charlie’s Almanack, Seirens.. Bad girls.. Which draw you under the sea.. My ex-wife causes that I lost my game of poker career. But she made me very good at sex. Yeah, but Tai also teached me “and”- and “or”-mentality. But I focused 95% for my ex-wife and 5% poker or much more lesser.. I literally stopped to play poker and I having sex and good-time with my ex-wife. You know time is money too and I spend it for her. I try to play when we divorced, and I didn’t play very well. It was frustrating and I have no motivation to play poker because I was super good before I met my ex-wife. I was semi-pro and I was capable to challenge everyone. There is a book called Bounce which cracks the myth of talent, there is no such thing as a talent, only practice matters. You can become everything what you want if you put time and effort on it. There example of father who tested him girls how practice makes master, he teach every him girls play chess and everyone of his girls becomes world-class-chess-players. They focused fully of playing chess, and practice everyday and they become pros. The focus is crucial. Keeping eye on the ball.

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