Korean Lady is my destiny

Those pictures which I gave you were super hot niches, as like you. So if everyone who prefers women go crazy about you, so similar effect happens if we thinking about pets, expectly cats and dogs, people love them pets. 
If I see you, my animal brain get fucked up and I really started to want you. If you put this in making pod store, where everything is so like you, shows your love with your dog, people find similarities.. when I started to talk what I love, someone sometimes get extremely interested. I don’t have myself dogs or cats and I think people “see” that if I pick niche what I don’t live. Nature, wilderness, is ofcouse in the next my favourite thing. Sport is one. Put I always talk what is your panties, always thinking it.. if I am not, then I am sick.. when I was addicted to diazepam and get withrawall symptoms, my lipido diminished and I think it is also why my ex-wife left me, I was without my lipido. My senses was so numb. So I thought today that if I am you, and you have a dog, so that could be your niche. But you need a firm and maybe stripe Atlas.. every cards etc is powered by stripe, if you consider Shopify store..
And maybe my writing sounds stupid in your ears.. and I am old pervert who thinking ‘that’..  but I care you. I want that you grow like a flower become badass business woman, who becomes a billionaire.. it’s makes me feel as good as if someone let me lick her.. but it’s metaphor also. My strange vision. If I think and living in it, eat her pussy and make her a billionaire, or eat them pussies and make them billionaires, I start thrive as hell. If I don’t think that way what I do is so meaningless. I really start to see and recognise those women, just like you. But I become obsessed with this idea. I am scared to enter in this world… It’s calls me. Like venture capitalist women, like real billionaire making women.. and billionaire women. 

I really hope you understand me correctly? I don’t want become a new ‘me too’ example, and become humiliated by public. I don’t really cared myself but my sexual desires, them are always my life, my passion. I started to live, it makes me happy. Also I scare my thoughts, enter in the new world. 
Now I write stupid shit to you. Hooked up my insanity. I really want quit that. Stop this, if I told this someone who is very influential woman, she would make me new Jesus, make me suffer.. that is what I don’t want. You can do it too of course. 

It’s my ultimate fantasy, see how in this world, wonder women lives and breeds.. if it’s possible to make links between wealthy, powerful women who transfer power to the less powerful and make them as powerful as they are.. the wonder women world.. but it’s unfortunate true if I in this world I started to recognise what I mean by that.. as they say about visualising you need living in that world, feel it and it might will become true someway. You make false memories and your subconscious mind try to make it true. 
Just like when I watched Mark Divine videos, someone he explains that martial arts warriors see their victory first in their minds. Also golfers see how that ball goes the hole.. when I read book by Lolita, I started to fantazing younger women who are like Lolita. It’s comes true. Young woman who made me mad. Life changing book was that. As my ex-wife found our relationship was like in the unbearable lightness of being book. 
They said also if you put your dreams somewhere in paper they will come true. My therapist asked me to write letter myself to when I was ten years ago when I was successful in chemistry and in good job.. it was quite common dream, copy of my parents life, but you can also write everything, dreaming what you ever want. Like wish with this Aladdin lamp.. 

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