Know your enemy

Like Sun Tzu said… Tax-Bears.. Taxes… How they works.. it’s too scary to start war without knowing your enemy. Sun Tzu said also, great warlord wins without start war, battles and without fighting.. I need know my enemy. I need skip Tai Lopez affiliate for that. But I can really recommend the 67 steps for you! Really means that! Take that course! It change your life, your brain. Yourself. Just like Friedrich Nietzsche said, you need be like a snake and change your skin, your mind need to be changed similar way. I listening also Warren Buffets thoughts.. he said value of good sleep and also the prevention is better than the cure.. ​”An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of Cure”: Benjamin Franklin. A Few Lessons for Investors and Managers From Warren Buffett by Peter Bevelin..

Oh no.. I lost my thoughts about Charlie Munger Poor Charlie’s Almanack.. Munger said also you need know your game. Buffet said also that he never risk what is important to him.. also also the more you learn the more you earn.. the game of taxes, Tax-Bears you should know.. your enemy.. your game. It’s stupid to attack black belt ninja if you have got white belt. Or start to play poker without knowing your opponent. Or start to play game what you never played, Munger speaks that way.. you lose that game if you don’t know how to play. Also Walton speaks learning process.. Tai Lopez spoked the learning curve. I need understand my game. Also territory.. there’s lots of what I don’t know.. I tried to add Tony Montana here too, the Scarface.. thinking I started to fucking with Sosa. He said Tony, never fuck with me.. Tony Montana said, you wanna play with me, you need fucken army.. but need be like a water, what Bruce Lee speak.. adapting to situation.. also evolution biology too.. Charles Darwin and company..

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