It’s very confusing

I was my friend the father. He is true opposite what I am. But yeah, we are friends too, but that kind relationship is not good for me because it’s fucks my brain.

I met the one of the most beautiful woman at Monday when I walked to taking blood sample. She was stunning and very gorgeous and very hot too.. she was romano beggar, gipsy girl. I don’t like labeling people, I see her very beautiful woman and that’s it. I can’t her in my mind.. and how this includes in my friend.. he laughed at this, and see she as a thief.. and lot of racist language.. I understand that we all are same.. there is only chemical cocktail in our bodies which varies.. Darker skin is only mark how adaption works. I don’t see people as what they look or etc, I only see how they treat me and I wanna learn who she is, I don’t have any kind things in my mind how I labeling her.. I don’t know anything about her, but she is very poor and very gorgeous. People are like books, you know, you cannot say anything about how books looks. You need read that book. That’s how I see people who are unknown to me. I wanna understand everything. I don’t read covers I read whole thing..

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