Is love poison?

Maybe it is. It’s wheel so. You taste it and it start to effect inside your veins. There is a song, Alice Cooper – Poison . You cannot stop when you get that poison. It will takes all of you, and you can do anything than let that poison take your everything. You try to fight against it, but it will buried you to taking deeper grip on you. You feel it in your heart. You try to hide it, but it is in your veins. You cannot escape it. Only what you can do it surrender, but you try to resist. It is game over, you cannot win. Love is the winner.

I think I feel something like that when I met person recently at online. I try to escape, but something feel so irresistible than I feeling something going on in my veins and I cannot stop what happening. I am used to be alone so I don’t wanna drink that poison anymore, but I played with fire and I feel little bury in my veins and it’s just go deeper in my veins. Like I can’t escape.

Hard to say. But now I don’t want fall in love anymore because it would be so painful too, I resist, and I feel that why I taste it. My former relationships was tricky so you know, I rather don’t want something anymore but that sweet thing moving in my veins. Maybe it is not love or maybe is, but I think it feels also frightening when you don’t want fall in love but it feel so good so you cannot escape than let it takes you..

When I realized my former relationship that I am in love, it was too late..

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