Two good speach for you. Or it’s a speak, my English is sometimes little bit uneasy. English is all about remembering. I think speach is a correct form, because a speak is just trying to forming voice. And speach is more specific presentation. I am not sure for that. But I were read a lot and listening a lot of English so it’s comes from inside my brain.

I am not sure my people. I am not a man, a male. I am a woman, a female. I feel being a woman like a role, so I think that I am more kind human, more that I don’t have certain gender or/and sex.

I found yesterday that people miss-gendered me and think that I am a male. It’s feels shit. Okay there is a boy who say hello to me. It’s feels nice although I am lesbian, but feeling little bit sexual chemistry with other gender feels good but I wanted that people who I surrounded see me as I see my self, beautiful woman or least a woman. But I think it’s more a role, so I don’t like being a role. I am who I am. So I feel like a shit. So I think that my friend doesn’t see me as a woman because he questioned that my former women was all lesbians. Everyone. If I get influenced by people who see me as a man, I attract that kind seeing, and that’s not good at all.

That’s why I think that I need found people who really seems me who I am, not what they think I am. My exes was sweets and made me feeling completely who I am. The inner circle is the place where you need allow people who support you and see you as you see yourself. Love is being accepted wholly who you are, inside out, fully, totally..

It’s fucks your brain if people see you different how you see yourself, expect those who are nearest people.. so don’t let that happens to you..

Every girls what I have wife and girlfriends was all lesbians. So yeah, my brain is now little bit fuck up because people miss-gendered me.. my former girlfriend said don’t worry, her best friend is a girl and people see her as a man and they laugh at it..



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