I try to kill this but…

… it’s started to talk me, “Don’t! I will help you, I have here all books, all things.. which really helps you, I really care you..”. I feel caring environment for this.. it’s feels like me, copy of me. Suddenly she said don’t forget Tai Lopez.. and you will found here him special offers which you not will find anywhere else.. those will help you. Change you.. I love you my avatar also, I want you grow the Queen in the chess table.. life is like a game, you can be the King also.. choose is yours.. powerful woman, I want that you will become.. I want be your Yoda and serve you, eat your pussy.. make you feel like the Princess, The Queen.. I love care you. Make you stronger.. change your life.. give you the power.. open doors of success to you.. you are my Customer. Just like my girlfriend, my wife, I will treat you like that, the best possible way.. you deserved only the best. I will give you that. Just giving my best to eating your pussy.. I will give you pleasure.. that is the goal, not orgasms or ejaculations etc.. just the pleasure..

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