I think sex is my passion

When I visualize. I focus those dreams. And dreams come true. And I need let those dreams happen too.. Not fight back. Adding monetize instrument there and I will be rich.

Also education is the second, but putting sex here and monetize same thing.. I will be rich. I think become rich is accept who you really are and share your dream everyone for money.. And money is only symbol of altruism.. Energy which flows and flourish everything..

Sex resonate like gem for me. More than anything. Being true me and share fantasy to everyone for money without that money is not the whole point, just energy..

I were spent more money sex than anything else. I was not giving those for direct, only indirect. Love, romance, sex-adventures.. I thought that saying what you buy, you love – is correct. Spending money is also great indicator. I were always ready to buy anything for pussy. And indirect.

I speak it constantly. And now I speak with Rose-Pussy, yeah I also spent time too for that. And time is money too..

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