I think I will quit

I am mentally bad shape. I just wrote a wall words : “your are billionaire”. It’s thrive on me to be a billionaire. But but.. it’s also fucks me up.. manipulated me. It doesn’t work for me. I started to living in the wonderland.. I need stop now.

It’s been three year now when I put wall words “your are steel! Your top shape! Your have a six pack abs!”. It’s did same wonderland feeling, I fantasying that I am now what I am now, in the top condition.. also I put your are professional speaker.. I started to think that I am.. but when I put that I am multibillionaire I started to thrive.. read alot.. I thinking that I am a multibillionaire just now which is a fantasy world.. yeah, I read the Snowball Warren Buffett biography, he put goal to become millionaire about age of 35 when he was a kid.

But I am fucked up on my mentally.. I just living in a dream world.. I think it’s dangerous.. I think everything is possible.. my energy levels in mentally way is not so good what I think.. I read also Charlie Munger Poor Charlie’s Almanack where he said I need focus where I am now. I am now recovering sex organ surgery, pussy surgery.. I am totally helpless and need to recover.. also I am lonely because I think my friend put me down.. and it’s influences me very bad way.. I don’t know.. I am woman. My brain said so, but if there is people who says that I am not, it’s fucks my brain.. my ex-wife was lesbian and I was her wife. She never see me as a man. But my friend doesn’t.. I was woman who wanna be everyones approval to be what I am.. I feel better now without him. But I miss him, but I think it is better for me to try to find people who see me as what I am.. I think that now I have a pussy. And I have gynecologist who wrote good recipes for me.. I feel good.. but I am lonely and it’s hurts..

I am not a billionaire.. it’s my vision.. just what was my top condition vision at a three years ago.. I understand a lot of doing business.. but it’s book-knowledge. My brain, subconscious mind wanna find the solution.. I thriving… I scared..

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