I saw her again..

..my customer. This Tuhero rises like a baby girl.. my baby girl.. she said that girl from shop was my customer. She should know what I know. She should do something but not sitting serving customers in the grosery store, supermarket.. .. I understand know what means to the self education, I need investing my brain, I need investing books on Amazon, there is credits which you can buy audio-books, I should buy almost 50 maybe 100. If you are my Customer, I recommend you to buy 100 audible credits just now, immediately. Or you can divide it 10 or 12 because you buy 3 credits at once. So you need invert those smaller parts which you can digest easily. You need consume those audible credits. And now I listening the snowball, Warren Buffet’s audiobiography.. and he spoke becoming the learning machine.. I have about 70 books which I need to download in my brain. My brain is like a computer. You need install the new windows… New apps.. new softwares.. those books gives you some called the pinball effect, which Bill Gates told when he went in his reading vacations.. it’s means your brain change and you get whole new sights, paradigm shift.. you become see world different way when you download in your brain great minds like Warren Buffett.. Tai Lopez.. you will change.. I will guarantee.. when I studied pussy licking in the sexology, Tantra.. I become understand everything and I developed a skill. Which is super valuable.. now I try to develop money skill because I don’t understand. Tai Lopez courses helped me, expected the 67 Steps.. also I geo all books which I will download in my brain. Just like Wittgenstein lion, you don’t understand she although she spoke English.. you need understand the Savannah. When you understand the Savannah you can speak with Wittgenstein lion and you both will understand eachother..

Also I understand the importance of audiobiographies, them are like resipes of cooking.. when you read it you can understand how example Warren Buffett is made by. So read audiobiographies.. Elon Musk is also in my audiobook marathon.. Tai Lopez told me something like that, you get confident when you read audiobiographies.. you get know someone else already did so.. just like Warren Buffett or Elon Musk..

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