I lost an opportunity

Tai Lopez offers a lot of cool stuff which works. I procrastinated him latest opportunity, but true reason is that I am a poor and my stack is not so huge to hit the thousand in the game. And also I am not sure my game. I know, I have an idea to marketing him for people who have nothing. It is very helpful for me to listening him programs. I gladly tell that what he teach to me really works. But if you find my page and go for Tai Lopez, I get nothing, but you can change your life. You can read my blog and follow my journey to poverty to riches.

But yeah I am not good at social media and I don’t yet know how I get money, but I will. You need the growth mind-set, which is certain that you think everything is possible. That is so true, we are animals, just like apes, we learn things in repetitions. Like what athletes do, you need do reps, like Arnold Schwarzenegger.. If we want learn a new skill, it takes time and lot of reps. Book called Bounce is very good which tells in science that everything is possible, you only need reps; practice. I recently read, books, Relentless, The One Minute Manager, Gorilla Mind-Set, The Happiness Hypothesis , You Are Bad Ass by Jen Cincero. Also Macig Thinking Big. I save money to buy The Principle of Economics by Gregory Mankiw . I have all my money to ready to fight that I get car on the game again. It’s very expensive to keep car, but car is also gives me leverage. But I am little bit bitch of my car also, cos it eats money, but without car I were lost opportunities.

Also my reading list is books: Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling Technology Projects to Mainstream Customers.. And Sam Walton: Made In America; Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience; Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable; Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness.. and I read this book also: The Richest Man in Babylon; it’s true game changer; because it’s just change my understanding of money permanently; I building my own Babylon, and I see my money as my figures, as a soldiers, servants.. etc.. I play kind a game, strategy game like The Civilization, The Chess, Poker; Warcraft, Monopoly, Sims, Command and Conquer.. But now many my money is here to protect me like that the car-game, I need to pass it to the annual-car-condition-test and now there is something wrong and I need to fix-it and I delegate it, because I don’t know how to solve that problem. This also what I need to think, how to delegate task for others. I can hire people to do things what I cannot do. It’s a good business to invest in a talent. I do that to let others fix my car. I need help with my social media, maybe I need hire a social media assistant, or a social-media-manager.. It’s lose-lose game for me because it steals my focus and make me a slave and I do not like that. I don’t like looking constantly my phone, I can hire someone to do that for me, maybe Phillippino girl.. I can give her money and she can help me and my money can help her. You need read also Jack Welch book called Winning.

Also I am so thankful for Tai Lopez for concept of making books your friends. I have very good friend called Poor Charlie’s Almanack by Charlie Munger. Tai Lopez teach me to picking golden nuggets from books and having time with that book. I read that book and now we having good time together. Our school system teach we hate books and read whole book, but that is not that what you must. Having good time with an old-friend and go back time-to-time.. Like that girl, Rose-Pussy, I like read her “book”. I were read many times. Also of course my ex-wife, I purchased her to my home and I spent lot of time with her. Spending time with book it is like having good sex with your wife or your girl-friend or you can also having good time. So with books, just open a book and get there something..

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