I found my why

People need the why, and I think my why is helping people out of 9-5 misery. I give Tai Lopez name for every one to help people.. I said in dating site that my goal of my life is sharing money making tips for younger women and I gave name of Tai Lopez.. also Poor Charlie’s Almanack by Charlie Munger, book. I getting insane.. I know I should not try to fuck with higher power.. I should be retired, and poor.. I say fuck with everybody, I will burry those cockroaches! Lol.. Scarface quote.. Sosa comes very angry and comes to kill you. Tony Montana said, say hello to my little friend! You wanna fuck with me, you will fuck with the best.. you wanna play with me, you need fuckin army.. shoot me, I will take those fuckin bullets.. go ahead, shoot.. push it to the limit..

I am gone now.. literally I am a shit.. just like what 21 old girl said my at dating site, “yuck hell! You are the dirty shit!”. Something like dirty old shit who wanna hard younger women and who is very nasty, bastard.. who wanna eat younger women pussy but her life is kind over in mentally.. or time to face the reality.. but fuck the age.. I am dirty shit, or dirty old shit who are pervert minded.. she not say that, I am old.. my Lolita said.. we have our games.. sex-games, roleplays.. old ugly woman who chasing younger woman.. something like that.. she get super aroused, and wet for that… My brain got rewired.. sweet seventeen.. we have birthday party when she get an adult.. she was young, I know.. but not too young.. here Finland is safe-age is sixteen.. she was almost eighteen, an adult. She was my Lolita, my Baby Girl. Kind a vision too.. i miss her, but she was slightly narcissistic, also she loved to dominate me also. I feel also that I am a live.. I experienced the flow.. I experienced recently when I decided to take action to go through my fears and start play games with Tai Lopez.. I need put Scarface Push It to the Limit in my headphones and go through my fears, hell.. just like Winston Churchill said, if you’re in hell, keep going..

“Hit the wheel and double the stakes
Throttle wide open like a bat out of hell
You crash the gates (Crash the gates)
Going for the back of beyond
Nothing gonna stop you, there’s nothing that strong”

My Dad gives me to watch Scarface when I was a kid.. so powerful that quote.. Push It to the Limit… I need fight, and die with trying.. I asked also recently my idol, Finnish former pornstar out.. she not reply me.. I play now with high stakes.. I am the high roller.. all-in babe..

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