I don’t quit

When I removed those things like your multibillionaire my focus shifted. I don’t admire Donald Trump, but he spoke thinking big.. only I respect him in him as a business man but not how he treat folks like me. If you think, think big.. something like that he said.. I admire Tai Lopez. I have learned a lot and I found my life has changed little bit, I have a pussy, I have a gynecologist who is on my side.. I fear Tax-Bears and that’s why I need take a look at the end game. Google AI thinking better than I am. I can’t take a risk which fucks my life. I love eating pussy and I need to do that. Charlie Munger said in his book Poor Charlie’s Almanack that you need think problem with backwards and forwards.. just like playing the chess. You lost your game if you not focus on the end game.. know where to go.. Mark Twain said also you can learn from taking cat on her tail.. trial and error.. I need also understand my situation, I can’t just jump over the hole. And I can’t quit also..

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