I am very sad

I miss that girl who I persuaded. She touched my heart very deep. She was like my ex-wife.. or much better.. I get very wired and I purchased her a rose. Very beautiful rose. Little bit similar what I purchased my ex-wife when we met at the first time.. I felt lucky. Something magic.. I scared her by asking her out.. she might paralyzed and escaped.. hope her feel something about me and come back.. I really hope.. maybe I get those Charlie Munger’s 25 gognitive bias in my brain.. the Lollapalooza.. something like that.. liking bias.. loving tendency. I was punched.. why she did so? She was everything what I was looking for woman.. young, sporty, nature-babe.. non-materialist.. just like made for me.. also seemingly very intelligent.. she love baking cinnamon rolls, the korvapuustia.. my favourite buns.. also a bun-base blueberry pie.. also she was good for hands, she was doing car repairing.. good mechanical skills what I don’t have.. like copy of my ex-wife or much more better.. I don’t know.. we had the chemistry between.. I gave her my book-list, I recommend her books which she can make money.. it’s like the magic.. she was like the miracle.. and now she is gone.. wtf.. I get excited and asked out.. and she’s gone.. I am sometimes that kind.. I get high.. I was high.. I don’t think.. I just made mistake.. and now I miss her.. if there’s God somewhere I beg to you say her that she should go back because I miss her..

I also hate phenomenon that where I was linked by this woman episode.. I paralyzed that little bit chubby girl seems very nice girl because I don’t prefer those.. and that girl doesn’t prefer older women.. maybe liked me but when things get serious, the truth hitted… I needed more confident and comfortable for thinking about that.. and I think my subconscious mind hitted me in reverse that kind situation.. this is kind the mind fuck, when I divorced my ex-wife I have a one night stand by girl who is just like my ex-wife, look like her.. I was many times hitted this kind phenomenon. I found myself reverse situation.. or bit similar.. when I found Tai Lopez, I get turned on by Brazilian woman, named Ti… Or something like that, from Germany.. my ex-girlfriend talk a lot Germany.. as you see Ti compare Tai.. Germany, my ex-girlfriend.. and also Tai Lopez.. I am attracted by Tai Lopez by what he prepresent to me.. the helping hand.. but that Ti just injected my brain. I felt love at first sight.. maybe I felt something with that 21 old girl, let’s say she is Chivas. I get idea about my favourite whiskey the Chivas Regal. 21 old is the perfect. And of course I went high. . Chivas is now gone.. no.. I don’t mind use that, maybe just 21.. I am former alcoholic. Chivas was my favourite.. maybe I give her that name. Maybe she came back.. I get high by Chivas..

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