I am the bookworm

Tai Lopez, my somekind virtual mentor guided me to develop the six-pack brain. Your brain consist of lot of neural pathways. Just like muscles, you can develop them the peak condition. My brain is now very good condition, I can read and being fully focused about 4-8 hours to 12 hours to books, audio-books and digital-books, normal books.. I can read easily book per day, I found that I can read 5-10 book per day. I have about 30 books open.. and over 70 which I marked to important books. So it depends also my physical condition also, if I made ninja-training I am more relaxed to read a lot. My brain has got oxygen and focus is enourmous. Also if I training muscles I getting more energy and my body is in good shape. I can read, read.. or listen without getting tired or getting fucked-up.. but I realized that the Tiger went away. She gets pissed off me cos I need fully focus in books not her. I am more interested become the rich than getting girlfriend, she could be, but first I needed to get know who she is. I stalked her number and I ringed to her. She doesn’t answer and doesn’t text back. And I found that I put her to the black list also.. she cannot ring or text me.. so price to this is being lonely. Becoming the multi-billionaire is seemingly to focus 100% the knowledge. I think when I studied become the sexologist, self-made. I read a lot, I get the knowledge, and I used it to my ex-wife, and I found that I speak exactly same way that the world lead sexologist. And I found also there is no what I already know about pleasing women those books. Also when I studied in university to chemistry, so I know alot, and there is no book anymore which I now yet. I think that is the learning curve of the knowledge which you study. I don’t need to learn everything but I need to get the confidence to do business or doing things with women. I know alot of sexology and I can give wow-effects for women. I am confident about my skills of sex. You know what I mean? I am not yet ready to start business because I don’t have that kind confidence what I have in sex. In my brain has got sexologists, sex-experts, tantra-curus.. I stand by the shoulders of the giants.. I have got there of course Tai Lopez, Sam Walton, Jeff Bezos, Charlie Munger.. Benjamin Graham, who wrote the Intelligent Investor. Also Mankiw with the Principles of Economics.. there’s alot.. like Jack Welch, who wrote book called Winning.. there’s a lot.. I need get the feeling that I don’t need to read more but I can use my new skills. I don’t mean that you should stop reading but I found that when I read every book of sexology and I thought that I need to read more, I found there’s nothing new to me to what I already know. Maybe if I need to get very specific, maybe then, but I have impossible to found something what I don’t know. But know what comes from money, it’s more understand people, me.. understand human. Becoming the human, the good human-being, sharing your altruism.. understand the human, how she works completely. What she thinks.. how she acts.. how I can persuade her, how I can waked up her desires, how I can make her to like me, saying yes to me. The key is what my first mentor said when I was young, and worked by the shop. He said that the customer is always right. It’s not me, and what I learned about sex, it’s about her. Not me. Understand who she is and study everything about her.. care her.. if you not care her, understand her, you will be alone. If you adapting her and understand her completely, I think that will lead you in the riches. If she came back over and over again, just like my ex-girlfriend said I like to see you again because how I eat her pussy. I generate the customer of her.. the customer would be your girlfriend, your wife etc.. you need treat her very good, so she will not go away, will returns..

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