I am selfish too

I just try to think that I could be somekind narcissistic personality too because I have got childhood trauma, and I am so fragile too. I take everything personal. I use I , I , I … It’s so shit feeling. Perhaps there is no enemies and I am the enemy of myself. Maybe the father is my best friend like my father. Maybe every people loves me but my ego is so fragile. I take everything personal and I realized that. I am an old ugly woman who chace younger women and that’s okay. I am also a man in my biological way. I am enough. I don’t need to be perfect.. I think it is impossible. The selfish gene said that, people are selfish. And being compassionate is learned, like being altruism also. Giving is the key. Open your heart. But your ego side. Let it crash. There is no I, me.. I am super selfish and narcissistic person and narcissistic personality. Very fucked up. Also very man like, masculine. Like a fucken man. Fuck me. I am not perfect, it’s impossible..

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