I am sad

I losted that Pillow Princess. She left me, doesn’t want to contact me via phone. I don’t know reason. I am also bald and hairy, but this was okay for her. I send also my pic for her and my phone number, and explained very carefully that why I don’t wanna be in Facebook. It’s literally stuck me in and make me slave very fast. I get addicted it fast and I don’t want that. Ironically is that I went Tai Lopez course about SMMA2.0 and I can highly recommended that for you. I learn a lot and I can do that but Facebook is too addictive for me.

I don’t know where she gone and why she not call. Am I ugly? Hard to say. But I did all what I can. Everything. And she has only call or text me. But it was now about two days and yeah I am very sad and depressed. I thinking that maybe it would be nice to go at bar, but I don’t really have interest someone else than she. But she not contact me, so everything is over. But I can hustle, read.. I found yesterday very good book, Heidi Grant Halvorson, Nine Things Successful People Do Differently. I can really recommended that for you. I purchased by Audible version. It was under four dollar. Lot of great stuff here. And another book which only under two dollar was, Managing Oneself (Harvard Business Review Classics) by Peter F. Drucker. And I just finishing him book called The Essential Drucker. Read, read and read, your brain adjust new skills and you get knowledge and your start seeing things, like book called Bounce by Matthew Syed, there is a part where he spoke when you get knowledge you start seeing things, and maybe you were called Wittgenstein’s lion term, “If the lion speak English, you will not understand the lion.”. You need understand deeply that lion, and speak him/her language. This is maybe the second reason or another reason why she not call me. People are sometimes very hard to understand my addiction about social media and get annoying of asking out or/and calling. Maybe we not understand each-other, the Facebook is not a good venue making relationships and that’s why I not hear her. But maybe I am so ugly, and that is the reason, or something worse. Or she say ignoring me that way, she not want go IRL with me.

I am going my second sex organ surgery. and bald and hairy.. It not sounds very sexy, to sell my self for lesbians. Hairy, bald, trans-gender-girl.. But when I went out people see me as a woman, or a very androgynous person. Okay, if I am honest, that androgynity makes people confused by me. Sometimes they think I am a man, and sometimes and I think very often they think I am a woman, but I don’t really know. I prefer that I look a like more androgynous that any gender. I want that people see me as a woman. Because I am. Lesbian woman, who loves women. That’s me. Bald woman and hairy and eat pussy. And love eat pussy.. Very much. People buy me, when I speak my passion to eat pussy. And when I speak who I am and what I am, people not get interest about me. Here is a golden nugget for you. That happens in dating-sites. When I put here my passion, I get responses, when I am not doing so, I get less. The second one is if I put here passion of nature, like nick name, trout or something else, it also works. Or I speak my passion of women and eating their pussies, I get more responses than I put there something what I am not so passionate.. Do what you love and show your love for everyone and people notice you. It is something what I want to do them, for her, and I love to do so.. People are selfish animals and they will love you when you seduce them.. Like a cat, you need to do her something nice and she will love you. You need show that you care them, not them money, if we speak in business way. Money is only value like time. Love each-others! We need love, care and we want put her the first! The customer is always right.. like my old mentor once said, when I worked him shop..

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