I am my worst enemy

I thought that my friend the father is my enemy. I don’t know. My mother and my brother is although my enemies too.. also my stepfather. Everybody is my enemies. I think that people influences on me.

I met Romanian beggar yesterday and I found she did same pitch on me how that the Gipsy Girl did. I listen now Way of The Wolf book. People are like animals. They react things. Oh shit I lost my point of view.

My friend the father spoke yesterday rewiring brain. I think he try to manipulate me. I think people manipulating me without noticing that. Just what marketing people do. And also selling people. I am also disappointed my friend that he gave me advice to collect bottles.. and recently he gave tip to start to sport betting. He is entrepreneur. I get lot of good tips from Tai Lopez, and also for free. And buying him program. Also those books which he gave was gold. My friend gave me advice to play poker at night which was terrible idea. You should never interpret your sleep. It’s very important, crucial for your brain function. Your memory. I found that what I read comes instinct to me yesterday when I met Romanian beggar. I think she was professional, I used negotiation skills to her. She tried to pumps more money out of me and I stopped that saying you get all what you want with that sum. A blanket and food. I gave her 20 euro. She wanted more. I didn’t like that. I don’t have money neither.. I just wanted to help her. But yeah I tried to find that the Gypsy Girl but I get another beggar to who try to influence on me. Little bit same tactic.. But the Gipsy Girl was very good and she also made me feel rush on her.. because I listened Leonard Cohen Gypsy Wife’s song which asking constantly where’s my Gypsy Wife.. and I manipulating myself that way.. but I can’t get her in my mind so I went looking for her.. I wanted to get her to date with me. I wanted to offer her date. But that Roman beggar was there and I found that the tactic was similar.. so my heart break.. that the Gypsy Girl treat me as a lady but maybe she was try to exploit also me because I went very out of my mind, like that Cohen song.. I just falled her command but I was busy and my friend the father called me and said she is a thief.. if my friend didn’t called me and I walked back to find her, I was totally in her “trap”.. she was so contagious and so attractive and she faschinate me.. so gorgeous and so good to manipulate me.. I was her Queendom.. totally her own.. if she was wanted something to me I probably won’t resist..

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