I am just the perfect human-being

I realized that I need be grateful for me, being me. I have got two wonderful women in my life. They are now gone cos I didn’t love my self. I try now, fucking my mind to saying that I am enough, I love me. I am worth of loving. Two lesbian. Three. And I saw also beautiful trans-girl and I realized that I can love trans-woman too. I need be self-lover. Like my mysterious woman, Rose-Pussy, Miss Perfect Pussy, asking me do I fuck my-self? And I read some of Nina Hartley’s book, which she said that masturbation is self-loving.. I need do that, because I am worth of damn..

I also though today my missed opportunity by Tai Lopez. I listened people to speaking their un-secure tomorrow and I can literally say that school system does not work. It’s like Tai Lopez said of him letter, giving hundred dollar to restaurant and hoping that you probably get meal. It is the hoax or doesn’t guarantee nothing.. I am not as I write that afflient Tai Lopez but I offer powerful word of mouth, if you read this start with the 67 steps and test him program. You can read also my blog if you ever find that.. Maybe I try promote this site.

I gave my mother advice to managing herself, because she is now retirement. The idea is being your own boss, writing your goals, tasks day before on paper. If you not say you what you need to do, someone will. Human default mode is being just like your dog, admiring and just being where are you, doing nothing, so manage yourself, write your day on paper and do it. Put your goals, tasks on paper and watch that paper everyday. I put here my basic day, which is training, reading, cooking. My goals are I will be Female-Entrepreneur Business-Woman, Business-Person.. Pro-Athlete.. Master-Chef.. Yeah, I will be also Multi-Billionaire. I give you a hint, put your goals so high that you can go to stars.. People mimic what she/he admire.. Mimic billionaires and you will be billionaire. Trust it! It’s true!

I read book by Helen Keller, The World I Live In, where she said something like inner world is as true that world what you see. She was blind. She describe her world in that book and that is so life changing.. What you see inside are as true as what you see.

I also hate Finland trans-gender’s miss-handling. If people feel their sex is not what they feel in their brain, that is medical situation which need help immediately. I go throw to hell with my gender dysphorias and I went real suicidal when I get help. Okay, today is more tolerable environment which is was when I go out in my closet. But I need also anti-androgens because my body doesn’t produce that, I don’t have natural hormone produce.

I also get very beautiful book called Lohikäärme jolla oli keltaiset varpaat by Kuura Autere; which is in English The Dragon Who Has Got Yellow Toes by Kuura Autere, which is the children book which tells story of intersex-dragon. I am not sure my gender so it’s very beautiful book who thinking them gender – the key take-away is how you feel yourself it is the key. You are as good as how you feel your gender. Loved and hoped child anyway. Yeah, be You! You are enough!

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