How to be a great writer

“how to be a great writer You’ve got to fuck a great many women beautiful women and write a few decent love poems. And don’t worry about age and/or freshly-arrived talents. Just drink more beer more and more beer And attend the racetrack at least once a week And win if possible. Learning to win is hard— any slob can be a good loser. And don’t forget your Brahms and your Bach and your beer. Don’t overexercise. Sleep until noon. Avoid credit cards or paying for anything on time. Remember that there isn’t a piece of ass in this world worth over $50 (in 1977). And if you have the ability to love love yourself first but always be aware of the possibility of total defeat whether the reason for that defeat seems right or wrong— An early taste of death is not necessarily a bad thing. Stay out of churches and bars and museums, and like the spider be patient— time is everybody’s cross, plus exile defeat treachery All that dross. Stay with the beer. Beer is continuous blood. A continuous lover. Get a large typewriter and as the footsteps go up and down outside your window Hit that thing hit it hard Make it a heavyweight fight Make it the bull when he first charges in And remember the old dogs who fought so well: Hemingway, Celine, Dostoevsky, Hamsun. If you think they didn’t go crazy in tiny rooms just like you’re doing now Without women without food without hope Then you’re not ready. Drink more beer. There’s time. And if there’s not that’s all right too. ” Charles Bukowski

“Without women without food without hope”

lol, I really get mad, I gave everything to Korean Lady and I wrote a lot to her. Now I found the Princess. She were waited me about thirty days and answered me and she didn’t chatted anyone else. I asked her that could I get chance to fall in love in her.. other words if we meet..

I explained how I get my therapist pussy and her womb and my ex-wife get angry about this why I choosed her because I worship her. And also wanted eat my therapist pussy, and I get her womb and I have great time here and she really tried to make me sane person. Hot, nice place to stay. No problems, worries. I also explained how I eat someone’s pussy with rabbits ears my head and babies sucking toy in my mouth. And Korean Lady make me understand that eating pussy is my life and Pussy us what I worship, not money. But she doesn’t write me but I gave her so much value that only idiot cannot turn herself to billionaire.

“They disgust me the way they wait for death with as much passion as a traffic signal.” Charles Bukowski

I really found my life purpose eating 17 years old girls pussy at near of golf course, licking her holes. I realized that when I said her consentrate to the enjoyment, orgasms ejaculations are only side things, they come if they come but only this moment is everything and just enjoy the moment, whole point is enjoy..

But now the Princess showed her interested.

I need wait.

Korean Lady ask me to keep up dreaming.. I don’t understand what she mentioned but now she got really bad opponent, The Princess. And she is near.

She said, “ofcouse….” The Princess

Can I get an opportunity to fall in love with her..

Every women can go now. She is hot, she is intelligent and she accepted me. And gave me an opportunity to love in her.. it is the gift if I get this kind opportunity. People are like marketing machine, so I don’t want miss her and I don’t wanna hurt her. There’s is no one else than she.

“The human sewage system is the world’s greatest invention. And you invented me and I invented you and that’s why we don’t get along on this bed any longer. You were the world’s greatest invention until you flushed me away.” Charles Bukowski

Like my ex-wife.. she tried to invent me, and she did it. And then she flushed me away. And I became different person, I get sober, I started to roam to the wilderness.. I love nature a lot, I get more loner.. when people drink, when I drink I changed new me. I am not who I am when I drink. I am quite difficult and hate people nowadays. I get along everyone but I get tired with people, they dry me. Drink my energy. But the Princess, yeah, Princess Leia and I am Yoda who eats her pussy..

I am also fucked up, I have constant depression which doesn’t go away and also this social phobia and I am transgender woman and I am Tom Boy girl.. and I think there’s no gender, it’s kind a structure. You can be what you want. But I am not man either. I get opportunity to fall in love in her. I can’t miss this opportunity, she is the woman who I saw many years ago at this dating site. What she said stopped my heart. Like the touch of the out of this world..

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