Here’s my idea for you

Educate you for very cheap and even free. I use a lot YouTube and Amazon which I use to educate myself. You will find everything what you want with those big ones. Just watching videos on YouTube and you need buy books on Amazon and you can listen those with your phone or laptop, or when you download Kindle you can read easily with your phone. Also they bring books from your home, you not need to go the post. Door-bell rings and here is delivery-guy or girl and you get your book. And from YouTube I found Tai Lopez and the 67 steps. And those steps leads me whole new world. Yeah, what you pay is a price, and what you get is a value. And that value might be much more than any price. I thinking now making money also like playing at a poker-tournament. You need also get a big stack and win that tournament. Also you need the player’s account where you have money what you can lost, and you must divide that little when you gamble. Business is little bit similar. I mean that I am not sure that fit that Tai’s new program for me, but there is a lot strach to riches stories, so people get rich. He marketing ideas which really works but which is your game, that’s the problem. You need test. And if you lost your money, it was not for you, but you get lot of value, a lot!

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