He is my enemy

My friend called the father. He is not my real father. He try to fuck my brain. He shitting inside my brain, try to get me to do what he like. I think he is very good to sell. I am person who easily buy. Very sensitive, people buy with feelings. I watched yesterday temptation island true TV series and I realized that people are like companies, products.. you get desired of something what it’s better than your girl friend or boy friend. You find your whys. But okay, how this works on my friend called the father. He manipulating me. I think I am person who let people do that. I need be the person who doesn’t allow that.

He literally shits in my brain, I feel shit. Now I feel good inside my head because I am free with him. I don’t need shit in my head. You need nurturing chemicals like oxytocin.. not chemical like which caused poisoning in your brain.

I think it’s also that I love Lady Dominas.. I am person who do that for everyone. If you are submissive for woman. I think you will get submissive for everyone. I think it’s a time to be the leader. Take care of myself and not let anyone to try to dominate me anymore. I think my friend find that weakness and hit it. He is now my number one enemy. I don’t like to be manipulated so I don’t want this fucken the father in my life. You need protect yourself this kind shit. I think my stepfather is a narcissistic person. I feel totally shit with him. Now I was read book of law of attraction.. if you surround yourself with shit and accept that you become shit magnet. My hair just disappeared when I called him my life, because he suggested that.. I think it’s manipulating.. I don’t want this kind shit in my life anymore.. so if you feel weird and found that you acting against your will. You are probably surrounded with manipulator.

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