Yesterday I found that I am a social media addict ex-specially with Facebook, it just sunk me in. Now I have got hangover of Dopamine. That chemical acting mayor part of addictions. And I watched yesterday at YouTube this. I need use that Alcoholics Anonymous the first step, which is basically saying I have a problem. But in my philosophy Facebook is my enemy, which with I need to fight. I won my fight with booze, valium, nicotine. And this is piece of cake what I did when went war with alcoholism, and yeah, I need to say I won that motherfucker and then it was easy to beat a nicotine and a valium addictions. But now I feel FOMO because my Pillow Princess is there, she is also very addictive and releases many chemicals in my brain. But yesterday I found also that, Facebook is highly addictive and that nailed me in my bed. And that not cool. Why someone did not addictive social media? This is a business-idea for you and you can steal it. Go a head! Also my school idea is also free to use and it is not my idea, Tai Lopez do that in his web-site. and many entrepreneurs do it also. But they monetize them knowledge and why not. Money is value like time. And our ancestors doesn’t use any money and they not go to a college or an university or etc they learn by each-others.

Maybe you never heard about social-media-addiction. It is true! I am addictive nature and it happens me, I think quite easily. But you can get alcoholic only drinking alcohol and if you use social media, you can get addicted it also. My way is totally to go out which harms you.

I am now fucked-up and I miss her. But I want meet her, date her and see is there chemistry in IRL. I give her my phone number, she can ring, text me, if she like. But at now, I need relax and wait when my dopamine levels are normal again. Facebook is like a cocaine in addictive-way, so maybe tomorrow is better for me, and those dopamine-chemicals are in normal level. Fuck to Facebook! Fuck to Cancer! Fuck to Alcoholism! Fuck to Addiction!

You can use dopamine btw if you wanna learn something effectively. You can get high on books and the knowledge, a social media is not worth of it..

This is a great video about why you should avoid Facebook and there is lot of great free stuff in YouTube, and this is the great-one . I really hope she contact me on my phone, call or text and wanna go-out with me, it’s not up to me, it’s up to her. And there is quote which said, you no need chase something what God sent. If she wanna be with me, she will contact me, if she not, she not my girl.

I am totally fuck-up, got like hang-over-feeling.. I feel absolute terrible at now. Yeah the social-media is not for me. I just stuck in a bed and time just disappears. And when I deleted Facebook I am not a prisoner anymore. BTW that my site, there is no trackers yet, and I don’t really want people get hooked-up with my content in forced way, you know. I just wanna you just fall love on my entities. Not forced to stay, not hook you. There is some-kind tracker(I didn’t put it in here, Ghostery -Chrome add-on said so… But yeah 0 trackers; no fucking cookies etc.. You are like my Pillow Princess, girl who I have a rush. I try to treat You same way at here. You are more like a gold, you are my customer. You are my woman or man or something between; be yourself, what you are, no matter your gender, skin-color.. We are all humans. ) what measure me for that blog. So you are absolute safe here! I wanna make you stay here if you want, not make you addict, because I know that ruins peoples life and I don’t want to do that for you. I really hope she contact me, but if not, she not for me.. It is now her turn..

Yeah, you can steal my ideas, like Picasso said, the good artist copy, but the great artist steal. Treat the Customer same-way as I treat my Pillow Princess. This idea is free to use.. I don’t wanna be an ex-wife, an ex-girl-friend anymore.. I wanna generate a long-term loving relationships between you and me.

I am like Robin Hood, I share my riches for poor-people like me.. And this is the way how I learn, so why not.. You get something when you give something. I would be very happy if I save your life. You are the one, you are my customer. We fight together against the poverty and it will die!!!

So if you have a problem with social media, you are not alone and if you have drinking problem, just read this.

And if you are a homo-phobic or a trans-phobic or fucking racist this stuff is not for you. I hate these kind people, like Tony Montana says, I bury those  cockroaches! Fuck you, you homo-phobic, trans-phobic, a racist! Fuck’em all! I bury those cockroaches!

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