Focus focus laser focus

My brain is again corrupted by my friend. Warren Buffett read 500 page per day. It is all about the focus. My friend play golf, it is not to play hour a day that fucken golf, it’s play whole day. Same is focus, if you find your passion, not let anyone to say that you need to stop. You need to become unstoppable! Go to obsessed by reading, gluttony of wisdom.. drink that fucken wisdom.. The father is not good for me if he say so. I don’t know.. the capital by Karl Marx is very good and very important book but you need also listen your own heart. I think I need to take a rest of him and become a nun of the wisdom, and worship that wisdom.. I need drink that wisdom and knowledge and change myself. I was and sometimes I am insecure myself and I asked help my friend. As I did yesterday.. it was not good thing. My friend manipulate me, or persuade me. I don’t know.. I need be focus now with those books cos they are really starting compound inside my head. I need become an alchemist, a nun, a monk, a scientist and let wisdom be my lord. I think I am near the success and I can’t quit..

I am also very tired too. It was not good thing to call my friend. He is really manipulator. I am now fucked up. He try to stop me. And say I need to go to the bar, meeting people who I don’t like at all. Yesterday he said, I need to read just hour a day that the capital book. I need really kick he off my life. I mean that, nobody never say me ever what I need to do! Nobody never manipulate me! I feel tired and stressed and very hard consentrate to reading. I like he a lot but I think when I go through the therapy, I also found that the father is also very toxic some way. It’s similar like the Lolita, I get addicted to her and she manipulated and start to destroy me. The father said and command.. and yeah.. I lost myself.. it now takes time to recover by him.. but I need fadeaway by him… he is very good but I feel crushed at now. It is not my ego. I think reading is the key for me found the new life, transform my brain and myself.

I am very angry now for myself because I was weak and called the father. He really tries to destroy me.. I need to understand that. He doesn’t really care me. As you see now! I am biased! And fucked up! He said I need to go that fucken meeting which were very toxic person and I don’t like go there. My brain is like foggy and my friend laughed that I read too much. But Warren Buffett read 500 pages at day! He is a billionaire! My friend is not. I need cut him off immediately!

Or he could be right also because without him my life was pretty dull. Problem could be also that I need to develop a thick skin. Taking anything personal. I can do what I do. He was right with this Karl Marx the capital is the book which tells how to make money. It really is. Like Warren Buffett speaks or Charlie Munger. Superior book.

Now the father hurted me alot. I need forgive and forget. Fadeaway… I talked with him and I felt lot of shit in my vains.. He is really manipulator and very poisonous human. As you can see HEXACO test I got huge number of A. Which means that I agree. I think people are good but he is not. I tried to think that he is good and but very difficult feel I have. I don’t ever want he in my life. He is nothing to me. I need to be 14 days without he and then 30 days, then 3 months, then 5 months, then 12 months, then 24 months… like withrawall of booze. Be sure that I don’t never ever talk with him! Be strong!

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