First Love, Ivan Turgenev

“but dost thou know what can give a man liberty?” “What?” “Will, his own will, and the power which it gives is better than liberty. Learn to will, and thou wilt be free, and wilt command.” My father wished, first of all and most of all, to enjoy life—and he did enjoy life….”

“In all her vivacious and beautiful being there was a certain peculiarly bewitching mixture of guilefulness and heedlessness, of artificiality and simplicity, of tranquillity and playfulness; over everything she did or said, over her every movement, hovered a light, delicate charm, and an original, sparkling force made itself felt in everything.”

““‘That it is impossible not to love,’”—repeated Zinaída.—“That is why poetry is so nice; it says to us that which does not exist, and which is not only better than what does exist, but even more like the truth….”

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