Fake gurus

I watched this topic on YouTube and I realized that Tai Lopez brand is super good but you should understand he is marketing expert..but if you do what Tai Lopez do, you become Tai Lopez.. that is true! You mimic, read same books, and realized that you are similar.. but maybe you not make same amount money but you get knowledge which is invaluable and you not get this anywhere.. but only what you need to think, marketers are pro manipulators, you should think twice before you do decide, but I can recommend Tai Lopez bottom my heart. He courses are so helpful, only what I found being as an affiliate, persuading to try this is something what I don’t know what to do.. but I really can say if you think Tai Lopez is kind a scam, he is not. I have read him recommended books and realized that I am changed. I am confident, because I know things what I don’t know before than I get Tai Lopez course. I can persuade girls.. I am becoming a monster.. but I understand that persuading skills are very effective and you will learn everything in Tai Lopez course! And I can also help you.. maybe.. but if you wanna change you life, get the 67 steps! I started to feel them power..

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