Expand your Babylon

I read book called riches man in the Babylon and now I read book for Harv Eker. He said you need divide your income in jars and put them names. Your most important jar is passive income jar, where is that golden goose is. You need feed your golden goose every month, and let it grow. You use money in that jar for making investment in the passive income. And you need funny jar, which you need spending yourself, making yourself happy.. and charity jar also, helping poor people, people who suffers someway.. and you need jar for your education, books, courses etc..

Babylon is idea to making your own empire. Money is a game so you need thinking that way. I make money to protect me, so I strength my Babylon walls, and I put soldiers to protect me against the enemy, just like if something happens, rainy day comes, enemy attacks to my core city. You might played game like civilization, word of wordcraft.. strategy games.. the money game is similar. It’s a game.

Making those jars inside my Babylon, like that golden goose is like new building in your city of your money game. Just like that charity jar, education jar, funny jar.. if we think it’s strategy game, you can imagine those jars like buildings in your Babylon, your expanding empire.

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