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This is a sample, just like what they give you on the supermarket, here’s the cake, please taste it. Something like that. I recommend you take the 67 steps if you’re totally lost, those smma and e-commerce blueprint helps a lot. Trust me, those are super good stuff, you will become rich, but I and Tai Lopez doesn’t offer you a rich quick scheme. Those might change your life. I hope. My brain is changed. I am more persuading person, I get yes for everyone. I tested couple of situation.. I just get just what I wanted.. I changed also that Chivas mind to liking me.. but that kind stuff is very powerful and you will learn it too.. trust me, your life gonna change completely.. lot of people get help Tai Lopez courses if you not trust me, trust the results.. testimonials.. lot of millionaires.. billionaires.. made by Tai Lopez, are you next? Go and buy the happiness for you.. but odds are very favourable, there’s no quarantee, but you getting better.. I think.. you need to be brave.. cowards die many times but heroine once.. are you my hero, heroine?

I think Rose-Pussy is mine heroine, my drug.. I am addicted her.. I want make her the Queen! And I will make you Queen too.. so become the learning machine!

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