Deeper in my madness…

This is kind growth hacking tool.. I don’t know. I miss Taiwan girl. She is so hot, I listening Charles Bukowski, Women book.. I try to figuring out what is that growth hacking idea is.. is there that where gold is.. or being present which is most important thing what I can do myself. Be here and now. My friend also said it is impossible be with her, but I think everything is possible. Also he doesn’t said that way, so don’t take things personally.. I need start to laught myself more often and see myself as a clown.. it’s what women want, they want the clown ninja.. funny and protective..

You can marketing your stuff there..

And this guy is the real deal when we talk growth hackers..

Going to the deep level.. this sounds great deal


Evernote co-founder..



I need to give up my friend, the father. I try to understand but I don’t. Everything what I do is wrong. And you need to do like him. I need fadeaway him. It’s sad but, you know, if you try to fuck your head, so let them go. Maybe I have huge ego. I don’t know. It’s not feel similar anymore. I think how Bukowski thinks there is just what life is. It’s just right now. You not need become something, you need become nothing. Eating pussy is my thing, I think there is the true meaning of life.

The father doesn’t understand anything. More you read, more you find that how stupid people are. They are like books, if they speak book knowledge you find this. You find that you know much more than they, and that is good thing. But I read good quote, you should read your own book than others, but I read also Tolstoy’s quote, you need listen wiser than you. Reading is the key.

I think my friend, the father can go now.. I don’t have power to talk with him. getting pulled down everytime.. he is very nice but I don’t have power now.

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