Das Capital

By Karl Marx. This is my friend suggestion. He get angry that I read by Mankiw. But yeah, I think we are different. I think wide spectrum and I don’t take anything personal. I get my suggestion all about billionaire but my friend is not billionaire. Numbers don’t lie. So I try to use my logic here to understand money and I rather listening the best. My friend is not the best, Tai Lopez is in the Forbes list. And I need to understand that. Maybe I should read that das capital, but I don’t know. If I listening poor people I become poor, if I listening very rich people, I get very rich. He never really helped me. .. He take my weaknesses as a weapon against me. I found that. It’s very slightly but noticiple.. but yeah Tai Lopez is the billionaire and my friend is an accountant.. his mother is wealthy woman but he never listen to her.. his mother is little bit similar than Tai Lopez.. teaching and speaking same kind things.. but he is too cocky and arrogant and very big ego.

Yeah, it’s Communist book. Economy is bad and profit is bad yab yab.. nonsense of me. I don’t like political books. I would say, profit is good. Labor is good. You can use novadays labour example A.I. or and programs.. automaticizing your labour force. .. I don’t read that book because I don’t want shit in my brain. Profit is very good. You can make profit to reduce your goings.. you can think that your a firm which makes profit. I think you can rise to read books and educate yourself. I think firms are like humans. They are not bad. Charlie Munger warned also cabbage brains which developed by extreme idealogy as communism. I don’t wanna think shit like profit etc is bad.. you should not too. I try to think how to get out of poverty not how to went broke. I don’t ever listening him again..

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