Couple of books

Read this one: The One Minute Manager. Your should read Simon Sinek, Leaders Eat Last. Because the first one. Your need be your own boss, and write down what you have to do, your goals. Daily and weekly, monthly, yearly and also vision too. Human are like animals, so they doesn’t know what to do if you doesn’t command them. You need command yourself. Putting down day before what your do tomorrow or someone else do that.

And that second one, Sinek book. There’s takeaway is chemical touch of human-beings. I contacted yesterday my ex-girlfriend which is probably narcissistic personality somehow, very difficult. She causes me a lot of stress, I felt shitty. And my parents also is very poisonous people too. I felt super stressed. Is it like a poison in your vein. Your feel shit, it’s kills you too. I read also Lieberman The Social book also which tells specific, how mental abuse hurts like physical pain. It’s same process, same chemicals activities, same synapses just activated when someone abuse you mentally or physically. What’s comes from Sinek’s book, there is environment which you feel good and not stressed and you function well. Your know, he speaks more work environment but it’s fits also any environments too, like families or being with abusive girlfriend. Them are like chemical liquids or soups etc, if you got wrong ingredients in your soup, your soup will be uneatable; in chemical liquid analogy, your liquid is poisonous. Stress hormones literally kills you. I need avoid my ex-girlfriend, Lolita and my stepfather and maybe whole my family because it’s very unhealthy environment for me. If you think I am crazy, they made me mentally ill. I get major depression, I get social anxiety, social phobia. I learned hating myself.. I tried kill myself many times, I turned very suicidal.

My stepfather is bully and my mother is who watching side. Now she put that super abusive stepfather in my neck. And she betrayed me as what she did when I was children. Let abusive stepfather do harm for me. And not ever be with my side. They are monsters. And humans too but they are not good for me. I don’t wanna be bullied anymore.. I don’t want abuse anymore, it’s done know. I learned by Tai Lopez, that poisonous people are like cancer, you need cut them out. I felt shitty when I texted my ex-girlfriend. I felt super stressed when my mother put that monster stepfather to my life. She showed me who she is, she is monster too. And I also felt my brother my stepfather injection, so he felt poisonous too.. I don’t wanna be in that kind poisonous environment, or eating soup which is terrible. And my mother said, she did good for me to putting that monster against me. I don’t have family anymore, I need find my own family. And what I learned by law of attraction, I was also attracted by very poisonous people. My friend was manipulator who manipulated me.. Maybe my mother is manipulator too. Like book the Night, Eliel Wiesel. I am not sure remember I correct that name but he was holocaust survivor and my family is similar. I felt terrible pain when my mother pulled that stepfather to my life again. I cutted everything off now. And my ex-girlfriend, Lolita also used little bit similar techniques like my mother, diminishing me, like, “You are mentally ill…”. Pitying me..

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