Can I find someone who has genuinely helped by Tai Lopez courses?

Yeah, I would say so. It is “new” way thinking how you educated yourself. I get help every courses what I purchased, I get knowledge. I did love the 67 steps most. I would recommended start with that if you consider to start your education with Tai Lopez courses. I don’t say you get rich quick but you learn a lot. And if you are lucky one and you could find something which resonate you most. I think now the true education is not what you get in the school, it’s something you get little bit wiser everyday and getting better, especially things which where you are good already. I am not sad anymore that I dropped out university and it’s not makes me loser or failure, I have lot of knowledge which I can combine together. I think you can get most if you get the 67 steps and then try to find something which resonates the most what he offers.. I think what Tai Lopez say, you need become the learning machine. And also Warren Buffet said; “The more you learn the more you earn.”. I am not own anything for him business or something and I am just a person who purchased him program and I just fall in love “new” way thinking what really is the education. “New” cos there is no schools at stone-age and we live now like in the stone-age cos we have lot of opportunities to find for example Tai Lopez and learn from him, person who knows how to make money and why not ask him “how?”.

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