I hope you give our love permission to come

I want know that you are the one

Monica be my fire

It’s your second name Aino

Then you are sweet innocent woman

And I want be your human

I want eat your flower

And be your lover

Call or text me

I want fall in love

Be my everything

I will do anything

What I felt in heart

Is something Beautiful art

Poetry, symphony of heaven

Let’s make our relationship Eden

We need just trust it

And feel that click


littérateur, it’s writer. I think. I really think I am a writer, the writer. I don’t understand how money works and I don’t mind either. I also read a term called sunk cost, money is not my thing, it’s like an orgasm is comes when I do things right way, this is how a billionaire see how make money. Side thing, not something what you need to chase.

You can use a leverage as free licenced YouTube videos. Example catvideos, fastest train videos. And added an add like your petstore or/and meditation course… Those free licenced videos cather easily hundreds of thousands wiews.. people love cat videos..
It’s found when you download YouTube videos.. license etc.. you find SEO tools my links, you can also buy domain which is lot of back links and SEO , search engine optimization correctly in mint. As I early mentioned Tai Lopez top afflient, David J Woodbury, he’s course is very good. 
I think there’s books etc… Amazon is great resource too…
Also it’s possible also buy pod store too.. but everything is those links..
These are very good, hope you find something. I feel blessed when I found Tai. I get this at my video recommendations, the Amazon guy. He’s course is 997 but I think it’s good. People get quite good results, everything which seems be Tai Lopez circle so there’s something super good. I put on paper “your are the billionaire”.. and I found Tai Lopez. People get micro steps when they have vision. I love visions, fantazing.. I don’t really like goals. I am very artistic person. Maybe you find this. As I said I care you and if you want another streams of income, I think leveraging Amazon maybe a good idea. And there you can do pod too.. I think that book what I gave you is invaluable, that Amazon guy speaks SEO and that booklink what I gave you shows how to get that done on Amazon.

And micro steps, you will change completely if you fake until you make it. Just write down. I get this idea to the very hot intelligent psychology doctor, I shared my life to her and she said something which changed my life. Just write a wall, your are… You have..  And trust it. I think that if you see it every day it feels than someone said to you. I said thank you to her and she wrote “manipulative” letter which also click my brain. I think her words fucks me. Also being someone’s utero was eye opening experience. She loved my pussy eating fantasies and used those against to me. I think my exgirlfriend also changed my life. There’s very good way make love with tantra gurus mindsets and I recently he thought that I can think pussy licking as living just now in a present. Everything goes bad if you chase orgasm, ejaculations.. just gather enjoyment. It takes over 48 hours arow.. it was flow. Everything disappears, time. Just like Tai teach you find your thing when that happens. The one thing. Cunnilingus. I try to fight back against but it is my thing. My calling. I felt again I am going to wrong direction when I hear billionaires saying time usage.. 15min slots.