I love his content. Very funny and informative what comes from cryptoes. You should definetely take that the 67 steps. It really change your game. I learned investing like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. And lot of things. My brain is changed. Tai Lopez is billionaire, guy who know how to rise 0 to 1, like Peter Thiel book if I remeber correctly. You need get in your head the best possible person, he is Tai Lopez what comes from money. I really getting understand what he meant his teaching videos. I attract badass-humans like that Uncle Vigilante, like Tai Lopez. I am really changed. I am now money making machine, thanks for him. I am unstoppable. But as Uncle Vigilante says, I don’t know shit, and why not me, I have ability to make money. Mind-set is also what matters, you should believe yourself, love yourself – you can do it, I can do it. Being billionaire is possible. Step by step..