Being the Black Ninja

I put this on my fridge door. You are the Black Ninja. I found that Tai Lopez speaks about Ninja tricks.. kind the way of The law of attraction.. what you put on your fridge door you will attract. There is also you are the multi-billionaire.. and I started to attract this kind stuff. School doesn’t speak that. I found also that if you put something and watch it your brain waves or something resonates with people and they get same word to you. I found many times some words what I put on the fridge door will found with who I talked with.. it comes from their mouths.. it’s kind a miracle.. also when I removed those things on the fridge door.. I lost my thrive, and when I put back I thrive again.. started to training hard and reading hard too.. it’s makes you feel where you will become.. your are what you think.. it’s works like GPS navigation.. you put there that where you want go, like your are the multi-billionaire, your are the Black Ninja, your are in top condition! Your are pro athlete. You have sixpack abbs.. I have sixpack abbs, I am in very good condition. I putted about three years ago that your are top condition and your have got sixpack abbs.. and now I am.. it’s thrives you, you start mimic that you already are that, and your mind someway try to correct your thoughts on the reality.. I put there that your are professional speaker.. I started to focus my speak and start to training my speak also…

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