Being in margin

I just saw trans-girl who uses drugs on dating site. It is sad. I was hc-drinker, also Diazepam-addict – narc. I have childhood trauma too Lot of shit. Lot of fights. Being me. I will gave Tai Lopez name for everyone who wanna learn something very valuable.

I am also here to teach you. It is way to learn better and maybe the best way to learn is teach that for someone.

I found yesterday that what I learned by Tai Lopez too that music is manipulator and very powerful. I tested to change at my device to repeat to Classical happy music. It’s made me calm and happy and my mood shifted and I was more relaxed and it was also effect my social-phobia better than motivational music, like Scarface’s Push It To The Limit. It also help me a lot, but makes me more risk taker and fighting mode and makes my heart bumping – and but my focus straight to the target. But now when I was feeling scare I listened something which makes me calmer and my fighting mode was gone and I was more relaxed and my blood-pressure also maybe reduced. I articulated with people much more calmer and relaxed because of music which made me relaxed and happy.

So I will teach and spread Tai Lopez for everyone… And I do it for FREE. Because I care of you. I know what is that being rejected what you are and what it feel than your own mind is also your worst enemy. If you are poor, read my blog and go for and find Tai Lopez free stuff and if you got money purchase something; I highly recommended that you start the 67 steps. It was helped me very much. Maybe I will choose next Acceleration: Money. – course but it costs.. And I try first purchase Mankiw’s Principles of Economics.

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