Bad Girl?

I am not sure about this thing, it is she the bad girl. I was. I drink a lot and I smoke too. And novadays I was read also scientific results that, you are with who are surrounded with you. People makes you. You are she or/and she, it is like an osmosis, which pees reacts with water with where are their “fellows”, and they changes being similar. Maybe if I remember correct it is most likely 50% change to copy a bad habit or a good one. I am sober and I am very confident that I doesn’t drink anymore but I don’t want take a risks also.

What comes from business you need go to people who makes lot of money to coming similar. Your odds improves. If you hanging with drinkers, you will probably come one of them; I know that effects in brain, heavy drinkers are like an advertising machine. And if you see, or hear something many times, it sticks in your head, 5-12 times at least and 20 times it becomes like known.. That is why you should be wise to choose your people around you.

But yeah, I have got influence also with people, I don’t need alcohol or any kind substance to get high. I get high about her, that Bad Girl..

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