Am I crazy.. I think it’s what Victor Frankl said that you should find your ‘why’. My the why is young woman. My avatar. My customer. I care you too much. I want badass women like Emilia Lahti, Oprah Winfrey.. I hate to be poor and I hate more see my avatar to being a poor.

Okey, I read Osho the Empty Boat which is also paradigm of being a beggar and a king. Beggar have got every time and king has got every money but no time. But money is also freedom unit. I literally rot away and I am transgender woman post-op, so my social appearance also jeopardize in this fucken poverty. I hate to be a poor. I remembered how that young woman watched me than I am like a shit. I look like a shit, I am totally shit. Okay, Google helper said that I everything goes well.. lol.. yeah, you need think that way, you getting better, just like the badass woman Heidi Grant Halvorson said in her book. You can check which one it was in my book list.. Nine things what successful people do different.. Or no one understands you and what to do it.. or something.. I were read so many books so I am not sure anymore.. but those kind titles was her brilliant books.. quite inexpensive too if you wanna purchase those.

And that girl whom I asked out and who rejected it, but said reason. But typed with someone else.. but what I learned by The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins, that if I wanna win her heart I need invest time to her.. but yeah the Tiger.. The Rose-Pussy.. I don’t know anymore.. the girl, let’s say she is the Ninja. I have got an urgency for her too.. maybe good looking woman.. but I am more investor also. I think girls are like investments, they are like assets or liabilities.. I need prevent liabilities, Sirens.. That is something what I learned by Charlie Munger’s Poor Charlie’s Almanack..

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