I procrastinate! Which means I fear consciousness which my mind produce. Something which not true. If I put this page to the next level, I start to fear. And if try to contact to the mentor, I start to fear. If I go out, I start to fear.

And that Pillow Princess doesn’t contact me and I feel myself very depressed because I was so exited about her. I fantasized our future and everything, maybe picture of me was too much for her. Ugly creature who chase younger girls and who spotted her. I don’t know.

Dan Pena said one of him YouTube-videos that, “Just fucken do it!“. It is good advice. And also let it hurt you, taking bullets, like Scarface, or one of the motivational music, which is Scarface Sountrack – Push It to the Limit!

Dan Pena also write a book too, Your First 100 Million. He is very motivational, “Just fucken do it!”. I procrastinate to build a web-site and I listened him and I put also Push It to the Limit! on play. I will change that I will do it and start to make mistakes, fails, etc.. It’s true you need think think everything what you do like experiments. When I get sober, I made many mistakes when I start to drink, but I do not give up. You need start to make experiments.. And yeah, Just fucken do it!

And Tai Lopez said also why people not to fear the shitty life.. But yea, consciousness of your imagination, delusions etc.. Amygdala activate and it is not change since our ancestors when dinosaurs threat people in the forest.. You know what I mean. It’s activated and you get alert but “Just fucken do it”.

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