I want be social

I miss my friend.. Maybe I go my parents too. I called my brother.. I want people around me. I am now what they call, solitude. No one miss me, want me. Economic Professor Mankiw spoke an opportunity cost, if I go too social, or too solitude.. There is a cost for that. I have that nest now, so it’s something what irritate me. I keeping an eye on that. Also my ex-wife is in my mind too. I miss her too. I know that we not supposed to be together, and also my Lolita too is in my mind too.. Both was yewels for me. .. But yeah, there’s a Warrior Princess who I feeded with knowledge, but she is only my heroine. I miss her awesome shows, interviews.. Also there’s Bitcoiner Girl too.. She teach importance of Bitcoin.. Also Korean Lady too.. The Rose Pussy also.. I don’t know.

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