At yesterday I drove to my car to my ex-wife’s summer home area to feeling years when we was together with her. I remembered that when we collected rasberries on pushes and she made those rasberries a pie. I fight against my addiction booze and drugs by then, when we was together. She was so beautiful, I named her Lady Beauty on my blog. Those beautiful memories passed through my mind.. I remembered everything beautiful memories what we had. That summer when we get married and we had honeymoon on her summer home.. I ate her pussy everyday.. I learnt by books by sexologist, by tantra gurus.. It was also realisation of that I can learn things for my self.. Then I fight with booze devil, I knew everything about that creature. Willpower, resistance.. Day by Day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second thinking, passing time, learning everything about my enemy and also my self. I try now become warrior again beating that poverty. I learnt yesterday warrior accept her death, like Sitting Bull’s quote goes, “Today is a good day to die.”.

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