Ooh, she feels so nice.. How she wrote me her words. She get excited when I told what is it in the flow state. There is a book called Flow – You should read it. I don’t know, I thinking about changing my life.. Blonde might change it in the one direction or other. Women compete against your wealth called a time, it’s your greatest asset, like Ray Dalio said, you can be anything but not everything in your life.. Ray Dalio’s Principles was one of the best book what I have been ever read.. Making money is like having sex, orgasm is side thing, it comes when you do everything correctly, so is money too.. I think it’s what Warren Buffett says, the more you learn the more you earn. Understanding is the key, just like women, if you understand how pussy works, you should not worry how you looks. That is why Lolita wanted be with be. But she put her pussy that ring, a nail, a spike. But she was so young also, maybe hormones rushing in her veins.. Blonde makes me yesterday thinking am I like 20 in my mind.. Maybe I am just an old fart, I love reading books, writing, very dull stuff.. I am very interested in eating her pussy, if she would give me that, but I enjoy conversation also.. Maybe I am too stupid for her. You by the way need to think like a student, every woman has different pussy, so there’s new territories and expand your understanding how her pussy works. She mentioned pants, I don’t understand why.. There’s also meaning if you use something word. I get picture in my mind. I had quite boy girl who did lot of things to me, also The Rose Pussy spoke like she.. That Boy Girl make feel like a princess. Also my ex-wife did so, she made me very feminine.. Now I am I don’t know, quite boy girl.. But Blonde makes me think her. She said no, so maybe I am safe, because focus, grit, reliability etc are something what helps you to achieve your goals.

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