“That typewriter is your woman!” Charles Bukowski

“Time must be wasted.” Charles Bukowski

“People are just not constructed to function at 100 percent all the time. I consider it better if I choose how to waste my time rather than somebody else choosing for me. So, we have the racetrack.” Charles Bukowski

“I told her that I had a great time that day by cleaning out my desk and finding all sorts of odd and forgotten things. this immediately made her angry: “That’s what you old guys do! That’s what old farts do!” A week later she tried to run me over with her car. things had not been going well for some time.” Charles Bukowski

“a wise man knows when to step backwards.” Charles Bukowski

“That’s where the hatred is so nice. It sets you free. When you’re hated, you can’t fail, you don’t have this—“Oh, somebody likes me!”” Charles Bukowski

“Why would they buy your books if they hate you? BUK: Because they’re curious. They say, “What’s he written now?” I believe the haters are better buyers than the others.” Charles Bukowski

“Ibsen who said, “The greatest men are the most alone.”” Charles Bukowski

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