“But a diploma is not a soul and I have met whores in Philadelphia and New Jersey who knew more than any of them and didn’t bother to lie about it.” Charles Bukowski

“And poetry seldom reaches most men because most men are almost dead, of course, but also because most of the men who write poetry are almost dead.” Charles Bukowski

“There can be no greater affirmation of life, sweetheart, than love for a broken-down couch.” Charles Bukowski

“Perfect art is the Perfect Truity of the Moment that has never been quite spoken or noticed in that way before.” Charles Bukowski

“poetry is useless unless we try to capture every second of our existence like wild buffaloes, like hummingbirds . . .” Charles Bukowski

“There are some lines that the college professors will never be able to write. The nature of their small agony is so comfortable that they haven’t a chance.” Charles Bukowski

“a ‘good’ poem is written with No Control the way a ‘good’ woman is loved & afterwards, throw away the word ‘good.’” Charles Bukowski

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