The one trait of billionaires is that many of them meditate. I feel that you speak meditation channel that would be great program, 7 dollar, 20 videos.. made by teacheable, what that use.. it’s learnable.. similar way.. three, five videos for free causing urgency, desires, curiousity..
It’s good book with that topic. Like Amazon Kindle do, they use sample books and you get hooked and then you have curiousity to move on that book but you need buy it to continue to read.. similar technique would be great if you do that meditation course.. my brain is so many times biased and I easily freak out.. now I thinking why I do this, I don’t have to.. lol there’s 60000 thoughts in your head per day, so how to take a break your inner dialogue, thoughts. Do that course, start with 7, then maybe 27, 97.. test what is the best price. There’s is also book,

You can let people buy your course with sum with they value of your course, ‘pay what you like’. Also you can do, basic, medium, and premium course.. people love get premium value.. more likely they buy also more if they First purchased this a basic course. They committed to you..

But you started to be like habit forming product. It’s exciting to follow You and thinking you as a flower…
There’s hundreds of books in my head.. lol.. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov was life changing experience for me. Don’t underestimate value of books. 
That book make me chacing younger women like crazy.. and Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett and Tai Lopez put me chacing money..
I don’t really know what is the key in my life, it’s that like you or billions of money.. 
I found my treasure, my books of sexology, with those I had a good marriage. She find difference between others and me when we divorced. But I was then duller and my tongue was mint. Now my brain is in mint, I really feel that, when you can read super fast and understand everything..
But Warren Buffett talk about inner score card. It’s good to know things and forget yourself. 
I started to think you again. But I read a lot, I am not billionaire. I don’t know, that get you value of my thoughts.. ;D as David Ogilvy said something if you surrounded yourself with billionaires you become billionaire. David Ogilvy, on advertising is very good book. So many books.. 
But I need your course of meditation.. I have read also happiness books, Zen master’s.. your mind is very powerful.. meditation is the key master your mind. Billionaires meditates so I think it’s important to do so.. 
I am also biased by your product.. liking bias, loving bias, Charlie Munger knows that..
If you chase two rabbits you get none, said Tao..but 
Imagine 60000 thoughts per day.. mind is powerful..

Them are like grow, bees, they make attacks. Sometimes is it very difficult to think that I don’t own my mind.. 

When you follow your heart, you will make it
I don’t know where’s that rabbit I need to follow..

My ex-wife told me I got also a victim mentality. Many billionaires told that it’s all about a mindset..
Now I write and think

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