make your own pet t-shirt Amazon shop and you can add a link to your yt-channel. I think your ‘brand’ is you, and you are adorable and in my opinion also a hot and gorgeous woman, which is something that I value a lot. It biases my head and as that Nike’s branding expert points it out, it fascinates me.She tells her books how the example J√§germaister brand fascinates people, and I think you are similar. It is quite hard to explain but there are so many elements that make you very interesting..
This is free video-making but I don’t know how to use marketing pod-shirts, but your pet t-shirt Amazon shop you can. want to hit you to the billions..

As Karl Marx told me how capitalism works, you need land, I think if you have that Amazon POD pet t-shirt shop and everytime when someone buys your t-shirt you get royalties.. In that royalty system you do not need a firm.. If I understand correctly. This kind ‘land’ you can ‘cultivate’ more. Think yourself as a farmer, more land, more crops you have, and you can harvest your fruits..

I got this idea recently and I don’t have any experience with Amazon merch.. So I don’t know. Just a thought. But you need to become the Land Lady. Those are your slaves, workers, etc.. or simply land, but that passive income.. They work when you sleep.

I am talking myself, hope you found something that helps you.

Maybe I am too pervert and should stop my Korean Lady venture.. But I get ideas because you are my girl, younger girl-friend or my wife, as Ogilvy said customer is your wife. Maybe I did that when I gave you that.. Eating them pussies and making them billionaires is like that.. I got my customers high and filthy rich and everybody is happy.. If I think like that customer feel that I really care ;D

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