“to me she’s the flower, I see her as she was before she was ruined by the lies: theirs and hers.”

Charles Bukowski

I really like to know who you are, that why I opened my heart. I know it is super addictive to search everything.
 I remembered I was similar rush on Brasilian girl, but she was no time too.. also was taken, so difficult to find that time. She airplane all over the world and was super busy. But being taken and no time was impossible compination. I thought she was hottest woman what I ever seen, but now I saw you. But I think if I think that way, my subconscious mind try to tell me something important. There’s also resonating phenomenon but I don’t know. 
I am starting to giving up my hope on you. Maybe you are not woman of my dreams.

But you are Korean Lady.

So gorgeous and so hot.

So not.

Is it my night and

I feel sounds of symphony

I feel myself mad

And I miss you,

And I feel blue

Where are you Korean Lady

I asked to wind come back

and come here and be my fire

you have power, I need tonight

i only listening when she peeing, it makes me insanely horny.

Her pussy is wet and tripping nectar. And I don’t know what to do. We have wall. She sleeps, she is near. We have a wall. The girl from neighborhood…

I want eat her pussy. I want forget everything and eat pussy.

Korea is too far. Wall is too far.

If I want something new and shiny. Unknown. There’s many but they are not the girl of neighborhood or The Korean Lady..

The girl of neighborhood peeing, and she knows that I will listen.

The Korean Lady doesn’t read my writings

We have the night.

She peeing and I will listen

I will

I promise

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