The girl of neighborhood started to grill something good.. she going a pee and read Rimbaud poetry in English, Bukowski, Tolstoy.. I don’t hear anything from Korean Lady

But hear

Dussek piano sonata,

Merci pour Di Amour..

Shostakovich waltz 2

Ivan Turgenev First Love

girl from neighborhood peeing and I have audible sense of pussy, and Korean Lady is kind a fairy tale in my head, marketer. She flirting with billionaire, I have crush on her. But then I hear when girl from neighborhood peeing to me.

Zen master said everything what you have is just here and now

Just breathe in, say hello to a flower, hold, count ten, breathe out, and smile the flower and say I know you are here and I am very happy about that..

Irwin said happiness is now, who have got time with dreaming..

Korean Lady. The girl from neighborhood

Peeing. Sense of pussy

Korean Lady, try to teach an old dog how to make money on online. I see only her. But the girl of neighborhood peeing to me. This is my life.

Tolstoy, War and Peace

Anna Karenina was magnificent

An American guy, I would say Mexican, I purchased course how to live a good life. I become a mule, not billionaire

Korean Lady wants be a millionaire, I try to say you become a billionaire.

Eating her pussy and making her a billionaire

My offer

Where she is now

I try to be like Paracelsus, the alchemist, try to found the recipient of gold

But I love eat Pussy

But nobody don’t understand and know I have knowledge of sexologist. But I know a lot how to pussy works, but you must don’t know, then you know everything

When you know, your finished

So I rather don’t know

And there is no better than the today, the moment

The present

An when you breathe out, you can letting go

Letting go all

Become nothing

Be nothing

There’s no I and no me

The ego is gone

Your thoughts are like bees, there’s 60,000 thoughts a day, don’t listen your thoughts, they lie to you, just be like a cat and observe

If you feel fire, feel it

Let it burns you

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