And that cunnilingus part is if you really want it, kind ‘a mastermind course’. You make me dream big, like American president said, if you need to think, think big. Donald Trump wisdom.. he is also very good in real estate systems, like similar than Warren Buffett with stocks.. Them are obsessed their own business.. I am obsessed with cunnilingus, I studied over 6 years my own how to please women in the books and for real. 5,5 years my marriage and half year with exgirlfriend, and if I know that someone is interested my services, I upgrade my knowledge.. but as I said it’s available for you if you really need it. I’ve taught that customer is always right, so your choice, you as The Lady, The Korean Lady. 
But this book popped in my mind. It’s super good. 
And that mastermind course is not available for everybody, just for you. And you must need that and come here or vice versa. 
I just thinking.. don’t freak out. Your The Korean Lady. I am just an old fart who living in poverty and dreaming powerful younger women.. but my exes turned up quite successful women when they be with me.. I did just what I always love to do. I ate them pussies and I support them in theirs dreams, and they achieved those.. I really thinking this is something what I can do as a business. But I don’t know.. I am not as smart as you are. And one billionaire trait is a thick skin. I am quite soft, sensitive and also quite pussy.. and thinking cunnilingus and nobody doesn’t understand that I seemingly know a lot what they have in their pants. When I was night club, DTM, a girl nearly started to cry when I watched her butt.. 
As they say what is trait of good teacher, she made her not necessary.. both women are gone and doing well without my being.. 
But he is very is interesting business person

I think you are like Elon Musk. He was so determined in his book that when he said we going to Mars. Like you. It’s also trait of Billionaire, they have determination, grit.. I am lazy and unrealiable.. Charlie Munger speak that kind trait is unsuccessful trait. Tai Lopez teached that you need stick in your process, and be relentless.. 

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