Also very good advice. I don’t have data to prefer his courses but that video is quite good. But I think I myself made mistake to hooked myself become the learning machine, you doing right to taking the action,
I think it’s good to keep in mind that they are selling the dream also and want all your money… They are your enemies, not your side. I personally don’t take Anthony Morrison course cos that Tai Lopez etc is so addictive and marketing is so dangerous in your wallet(also I avoid partnership with my name, but maybe okay with business name, LLC for example),
you are my first woman, I know my weaknesses to fall in them power, so I avoid that. That striptease dancer, Lady Domina “ruins” my life also when I was young and stupid.. or change my destiny completely.. to my academic career in the her dreamland.. It was my and it is my own creation too.. But yeah.. But play chess against the grandmaster, you’re very hot, you have all the power.. I do love dreaming of Lady Domina fantasy, but I know my weaknesses too. My former woman was also very dangerous too.. But I don’t do that for anybody, just for you. I think it right to do also. It means a lot to me if I get you happy and if I can see you growing like the flower and/or The Phoenix Bird. It means a lot to me. I visualise something like eating them pussies and making them billionaires, it’s growing my mind..  When I fight back, I get deeper. But when I visualise that kind thing I start to recognize, finding real bad ass women just like you.  But I think dreams are important, being chemist was stupid choice, following that Lady Domina was best decision so far. I am very happy when my life is something beautiful like you. It gives me the true meaning of my life. I love knowledge but more I get if I start living in my dreams.. Like Victor Frankl, the holocaust survivor, locopedia’s father said, people survived concentrate camp when they had “the why”.. You give me hope and meaning. But I really find it so beautiful if I surrender those fantasies.  If I don’t I don’t find anything at all. I hope you would love to be my Wonder Woman? And I don’t like hurt you, say if it feels so… I am not you, so I don’t know 🙂 Say me if you feel bad, or what I say hurt you. I have many weird things and I scare to share so, also I fear also let it go and living fully this kind fantasy, The Wonder Woman World, eating them pussies and making them billionaires or/and eating her pussy and making her a billionaire.   It’s my vision, my fantasy and an idea which hunts me all day long and calls me and grows.. If you think I am a sick person, I understand that.. That is why I gave you everything, you find a whole new world that I gave you. Also I don’t want anything back. and I really want you success. Your pleasure is my pleasure. You don’t have spend over a year thinking( soon two years) how to make money or your own money.. I made myself as a nun and I sold my soul for knowledge and I made myself learning machine. Now I saw you and how hot you are and I realized that my real passion is something else than money—
Groupthink is dangerous too.. 

More traffic your site, Also I don’t know his courses but very good credibility

I spend lots of time to think that, hope you find something interesting. You don’t have any touch with me if I make you puke, feeling really bad. I am weird, and difficult person who is now very obsessed thinking money, but recently I found also many billionaire spoke, Ray Dalio Principles said like money is like orgasm, it’s side thing. Tai Lopez used a cat analogy, don’t chase a cat. Ray Dalio Principles said it is results when you do things correctly. You generate lot of authority bias if you referenced books. People think you are expert, know things. Also Greece philosopher said you know everything when you don’t know and when you know everything you are finished. Tao said so too. You must don’t know.. and if you want get really deep in your thinking, use the Socrates method, question everything. I am very hooked this knowledge. Wittgenstein said something like what you don’t know doesn’t exist. And Seneca said that happiness is something that you are happy what you have and don’t know any better.. Also I am getting conclusion of seeking clarification my money issues that I have all what I have. Being present is the key. Many billionaire meditates, so you don’t miss anything, and there is also saying, she who manages people manages all, but who manages herself, manages the world. Everything is here and now. And there’s no I and me. I don’t know understand you what I think? I recently learned that I need being more here and try to let life to eat me.. being present.. 

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